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Julia Hollenbery

Holistic Healing

At Home in Your Body and Life

Welcome! I am an experienced therapist in Finchley and online, working with individuals and groups intuitively to bring you back to yourself and embody your true potential. You might feel stressed, anxious, struggling to find purpose in life, lacking a sense of clarity, happiness, or joy, which is commonplace.

No matter what you are going through, healing is possible, and I am here to help you on your journey. We will work together, using a combination of holistic healing techniques focused on helping you connect with your body, rediscovering the joy, knowledge, and power that has always been inside you. Our sessions will include physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. We will work with a combination of dialogue, somatic exercises, hands-on work, and meditations, depending on what you need.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about me as a holistic healer in Finchley and online, please look at my About page, or give me a call any time. Sessions with me are available to those nearby as well as those around the world and online.

Let The Big You Out!

Our body is wired for joy and happiness. For many and various reasons, we lose touch with our unique potential and the innate knowledge of who we really are. Everything we need is here inside us. For decades, my passion has been supporting people on their personal journey to realising their full power again. No matter how low or lost you might feel now, transformation is never far away.

In the past, I have helped with different areas, which include:



Headaches and backache



Relationship issues (at home or work)

Gaining clarity

Discovering the right career and/or life path

Easing physical pain

Being grounded and calm

Getting more out of life

Managing self and others with good communication

How I Work With You

Our work together is about your own wholeness in a clear, compassionate, curious way. Most of us aren’t relaxed, even when we think we are, due to the tension patterns held in the body. The body is where our real life is lived, where we really feel everything, so becoming grounded in our own body once again, is the most important healing work we can do.

In your in-depth personal sessions we will use a variety of somatic exercises, meditations, and holistic modalities that will allow you to shift unhelpful patterns and reconnect with your real needs and capabilities. Modalities include: Grinberg bodywork, Reflexology, craniosacral therapy, family constellations, counselling, meditation, movement, Tantra, Reiki, massage. You will learn tools and techniques that you can use at home to support yourself.

Want more information on the above modalities? If so, have a look at my Services page.

In addition to private sessions tailored individually for you, I also offer short group workshops and week long retreats.

Other Services

Group Classes

Fancy a quick drop in? With holistic healing in Finchley or online, I offer a number of group classes of up to 15 people, where we create an atmosphere of healing and relaxation – somewhere to feel grounded, nourished, happy, clear and more like yourself. Workshops can last anywhere from one to three hours to a whole day in beautiful local yoga and therapy centres.

There will be monthly classes in Belsize Park and occasionally in areas like Notting Hill, Finchley, Archway, Brighton and Glastonbury as well as online. Different topics will be covered, such as healing, pleasure, resilience, embodiment, and women’s circles.


Want a wellbeing holiday? You are invited to join a week-long retreat in the sunshine, discovering The Healing Power of Pleasure in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. It is a truly idyllic, enriching week of community, walking in nature, eating fresh food, and a variety of extra classes, such as massage or yoga. You can choose June in Skyros, Greece, and October in Cortijo Romero in Granada, Spain. Both are renowned centres for personal development holidays.

If you are tempted by the idea of a wellbeing holiday with others in the sun, please do get in touch to discuss pricing and dates.

My Location

Want in depth attention? You’re welcome to relax into the privacy and peace of my quiet home studio in Dukes Avenue, Finchley Central, London, N3, located in a cul de sac and accessed via my garden.

This studio is a dedicated space for our healing sessions, with a deeply tranquil atmosphere and real sense of harmony.

Plenty of parking is available right outside, and the practice is very close to Finchley Central Station (on the Northern Line) and the high street bus routes.


About Me

I am an expert in joy, happiness, and relationships. For over 25 years, I have worked as a body therapist in private practice, supporting people with a range of emotional and physical issues. Naturally I learned much about the human condition from this role, but it is my personal experiences, in particular encountering intense crises, that have helped me become an experienced spiritual therapist. This has helped me bring to every interaction an extraordinary quality of attunement and a deep, innate wisdom for practical healing and wholeness. I can help you envision and embody your unique potential.

Along with a range of formal therapeutic qualifications, I have studied for many decades under a variety of respected spiritual teachers, and I continue to walk this path as a way of maximising the extent to which I can help others with their own transformation.

For more information about how I became a holistic healer in Finchley and online, see my About Me page for a full bio.

Get in Touch

If you are going through a crisis, or struggling in any kind of way, I am here to guide you towards rediscovering your instinctual intelligence – your deep knowing – and love of life, using a range of different therapeutic methods suited for you. For more information about how my one-to-one or group classes work, just give me a call or send me a text on 07974102049, or fill out the contact form.